Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Striped and Tiered Ruffles

Shein Striped and Tiered Ruffles Blogger Style OOTD
Shein Striped and Tiered Ruffles Blogger Style OOTD
Shein Striped and Tiered Ruffles and Superga White Sneakers Blogger Style OOTD
Shein Striped and Tiered Ruffles and Superga White Sneakers Blogger Style OOTD


If an outfit can make you feel like you have wings, this is one that does just that without making me feel like a clown. My mom literally laughed out loud when I wore this for the first time and she told me that I should get the length of the sleeves trimmed, but within few minutes she saw the true beauty in this piece. I think that was exactly my response to Vetements' extra-long sleeves but look who is still digging elongated sleeves.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sterling Review, Discount Code + Size Comparison

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sterling Review, Discount Code + Size Comparison
Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sterling Review, Discount Code + Size Comparison

Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sterling Review, Discount Code + Size Comparison
Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sterling Review + Discount Code

Use the code 'matata' to get 15% off on your next Daniel Wellington purchase! :)

Usually I am more of a rose gold type of girl and 99 percent of all my Daniel Welling watches are rose gold. However, with summer just around the corner, I figured it wouldn't hurt to choose silver and I am happy I did! If you are looking for a perfect watch for the summer, there is nothing more I recommend than Daniel Wellington's newest Classic Petite watch in Sterling.

My dad used to have a watch just like this one and it looked ever more masculine on his wrist, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how feminine it looked on mine. I think part of that has to do with the slimmer width of the mesh band, but whatever the case is, it is beautiful.

Classic Petite comes in Sterling (silver) & Melrose (rose gold), both in white and black faces. And if you are like me and couldn't decide on which one to get (they are all so beautiful), here's what I think: as I mentioned earlier, Sterling in white face is perfect for summer and for someone who likes a more casual style and enjoys wearing denim; Sterling in black face is perfect for someone who likes to wear darker colors or monotone; and Melrose is perfect for someone who likes to dress in a more feminine and romantic style. But honestly I actually believe that any design would be perfect for everyone because Classic Petite features such a timeless classic design.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Patch Velcro Crossbody Bag OOTD

Heidenei Patch Crossbody Bag, Sam Edelman Loraine Loafer, Topshop Mom Jeans
Heidenei Patch Crossbody Bag, Sam Edelman Loafer, Topshop Mom Jeans


My inner child definitely has a thing for DIY and customizing things, and all that pretty much means that I like the things that I own to be unique pieces--not in a sense that those things are super crazy unconventional but more as a one-of-a-kind statement pieces. One way to achieve this was to make my own products, and so when it comes to earrings I like to make everything by hand. But when it comes to clothes, I literally suck, and when it comes to bags, I am completely clueless. So when I came cross this brand, Heidenei from South Korea that focuses on making different patches and bags (and hats) to help the customers to start customizing their own bags (and hats), I was hooked. (In case you noticed, my previous post also features a clutch that is from Heidenei, and it is made out of the same material as a basketball and it's crazy beautiful!)

There are many more patches available in this brand, some are just for pure decorative purpose, and others are more utility based in that they are little pouches for sunglasses, round coin bags that can also hold cushion foundations, pencil holders, and what have you. On today's blog post, I wanted to show you this mini bag from Heidenei, and the patches that I have on are purely for decorative purpose only, but I do intend to purchase more bags and patches from this brand that has more of those utility oriented patches as well. The velcro side of the bag opens so much room for creativity and makes everything so much more fun, and that's why I really do believe that there's much more potential to this brand. And by the way, believe it or not this bag can actually fit my Canon DSLR with the prime lens attached, which is quite unheard of for a mini crossbody. It is so spacious that I brought this to my trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, and it was perfect! :)

Hope you found this post interesting!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Striped Balloon Sleeve Top OOTD

Striped Balloon Sleeve Top Levis Skinny Jeans Blogger Style OOTD
Striped Balloon Sleeve Top Blogger Style OOTD


If you are not into adding details to your sleeves, this current season's trend (and that of the previous one as well) that focuses on sleeves probably didn't do much for you, but to someone who has always been obsessed with sleeves and has always wanted to add some ruffle or flare details or beads to those sleeves...well let's just say that I wish this trend never ends so that I can have my endless supply of tops! :)

So today I wanted to share with you this top I picked out from Shein and I'll be honest--I had my doubts ordering from Shein, especially having my item ship to South Korea. But let me start off by saying that this top proved me wrong (and my order arrived in about a week!) I love the balloon/lantern sleeves and the peplum detailing at the bottom. The deep v-neck can be quite daring to some people (me) but nothing a pin can't fix. This top definitely spices up any outfit so I highly recommend it to anyone who is always looking for some good top to pair with their favorite jeans. The fabric itself can be softer and thicker, and I think if this top was just a regular shirt, the fabric would've made it look quite cheap, but the detailing makes it look way more expensive than it really is. 

And isn't my clutch fun? It's from a fairly new Korean brand, Heidenei, and the entire collection screams "unique but wearable". The material of this clutch is exactly the same as an actual basketball and I am OBSESSED with it! The kids in my neighborhood go nuts when I bring this outside and I find that hilarious as well (the last time these kids ever paid attention to me was when I brought my Siberian Husky out for a walk).

Hope you enjoyed this look!