Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Anyhow, as the temperature is beginning to go below the thirties, my goal for the upcoming horrifying months is to find a way to make myself look fashionable--or at least decent--and warm at the same time. I think I make myself even more miserable by wearing layers and layers of God knows what until I can hardly move my limbs just so that I don't freeze my legs off. Since getting out of my yoga pants is hard enough, this is going to be a big challenge for me, but I hope that this challenge will make the winter more enjoyable or at least more bearable. 

Today's outfit is definitely not something for the polar vortex, but this kept me warm for those rather cold autumn days. I had purchased an asymmetrical plaid skirt in Korea (for less than $5!) but the notorious Chicago wind always managed to flash my butt. Therefore on this day I wore a heavy mohair coat to keep all that skirt under control, and tucked in a simple loose black sweater. I put on a beautiful opal necklace to add to the simple outfit, and wrapped a chunky scarf to keep myself warm. Finally, I wore a black leather ankle boots that have lovely suede lace-up details on the side. And this is just the beginning! Stay warm, xoxo!

Coat - Kuho (Korean brand)
Bag - Coach
Shoes - Ecco


  1. You look so chic and stylish- love the plaid skirt! Maine is freezing this time of year so I could definitely use some winter style inspiration:) You look great!

  2. I feel you girl, right now it's still too warm for the season but I remember last winter, taking outfit pics was, well let say not a nice, taking off the coat, standing there freezing and trying to smile was not easy, lol. I love the outfit, the skirt is cute, love the asymmetrical hem.


  3. Hi! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Congratulations! Here’s the link to provide you with a little more information: Click Here

    Xo Amanda |

    PS- you look fantastic in that whole getup! :) I LOVE the jacket!

  4. So warm and cozy, I need that scarf in my life! I love your jacket and looks like it's from a korean brand? Do they ship to the US? By the way have you heard of Miamasvin? I love their wide selection of outerwear and wondering if I should jump the boat :) xo~

  5. Cute jacket! It looks super warm for this Chicago cold spell we've been having. Great look!
    xo - Katie -

  6. This may sound wrong but the mental image of you flashing your butt is hilarious! I have a skirt or two that does that to me too, it's annoying and embarrassing but the things we do for fashion, eh? LOL! We've been waking up to -4 Celsius this past few mornings and it's definitely different for me who hails from Malaysia.

    Reflection of Sanity

  7. You've put together such a fantastic look; I love the layering effect and the black ankle boots are so stylish! Ah, you look so cute with your neck buried in the scarf haha - that'll be me once the temperature drops here a little bit more! :) Have a lovely weekend!



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