Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Perfect Birthday Present : Sophie Hulme Mini Box Tote

I am a kind of person to whom obsession is a disease. When I first saw Sophie Hulme's tote bags on Instagram, I immediately knew that my new obsession had begun. My boyfriend, who knows very well the rather destructive relationship between me and my obsessions decided that he would get me an early birthday present--after all, my birthday is in January, and I was going to be in Korea with my parents then, so between an early birthday present and a late birthday present, he decided that an early one would allow me to enjoy it more, especially while I am in Korea. 

I was at first a little bit worried about the size of this Sophie Hulme Mini Box Tote. As I tend to carry my huge chunky DSLR around when I am not wearing my yoga pants, I wanted something that will at least fit my DSLR and my iPhone. To my surprise, my DSLR does fit this Sophie Hulme Mini Box Tote, but I end up with no space for my iPhone. Because this mini tote is very solidly structured, it does fit everything else though--I put in my wallet, iPhone, foundation, blush, eyeshadow palette, lipstick, and lipgloss, and still have room to fit another wallet or two to the point that it feels almost magical! Plus, the camel color is perfect for every outfit, and that whistle keychain is just way too perfect (especially since I live so close to the ghetto).

Anyhow, on this day I was bubbling with happiness that I had to go out for a photoshoot! The weather was surprisingly warm, although it was drizzling from time to time. I put on a cropped sweater with Rolling Stones print from Forever21, and my floral lace skirt that I purchased a year ago and still with the tag in the back (the more I blog, the more I realize that I have a stash of clothing that are completely new and unworn). I wore my rain boots from Coach that have a beautiful lace-up bow detail in the back for a custom fit around the calves. On top of this all-black outfit, I put on my Sophie Hulme Mini Box Tote, just to give it a bit of love. 

Usually obsessions end with possession, but with Sophie Hulme Mini Box Tote, I think my obsession grew a little bit more as I am craving her entire collection!

Sophie Hulme Mini Box Tote

Sophie Hulme Mini Box Tote Review
Sophie Hulme Mini Box Tote Review2

Bag - Sophie Hulme 
Boots - Coach 
Top - Forever21 
Skirt - American Eagle


  1. aww you're boyfriend is the sweetest! And i love your bag <3

  2. Ahhhh what a a cute outfit! And that Sophie Hulme mini tote! I'm drooling here! The color is so fun and it really is a sight for sore eyes compared to all the grey we see around us these days! Have a lovely weekend HaeMin!! xoxo~ Lena

  3. Hello beautiful! I can't believe I have missed so many posts from you but I am back! I am so happy you got the bag you wanted and kuddos to your BF for getting it for you. You deserve it!! So your Bday is coming so how exciting is that! And you are going to Korea! That is awesome!!! I know the flight is super long but that doesn't matter when you know you will be having a great time with family. Love the top you are wearing. It is super cute! I actually love everything you are wearing, you always wear the coolest clothes! Enjoy your pretty bag sweet HaeMin! Blessings and look forward to your next post:-) xoxo, Jeannette

  4. Love your skirt, such a great look :)

  5. You look super cute in this outift, love your style! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following me along, happy to follow you along on Bloglovin too:)

  6. HaeMin you have me here in awe. That bag is beautiful, awesome.....and your bf is a keeper ;) Love the complete outfit on you, you look so happy.


  7. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog! I love yours. The purse is the perfect addition to this cute outfit.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  8. I have always considered getting one of these bags but was always in debate! I love this mini one, it is amazing! Loving your whole outfit. That skirt and top are amazing and you look so happy! I know this gift made your day or week!! Such a nice gift from your boyfriend :) Happy early birthday!


  9. I love the purse - it is so so so cute! I also love the color! You look great!

    - Deniz

  10. You look so so cute! That purse is adorable and I love your outfit, especially that pretty lace skirt!

  11. Very cute bag! Definitely the perfect gift! But even better - I love the Rolling Stones shirt!

    - Sarah :)

  12. What a gorgeous mini tote-- I adore all of the cute gold details and the size is just perfect! What a good idea to carry around your DSLR in it (speaking of which, I'm so happy that my new Canon DSLR just arrived in the mail) for impromptu photoshoots when you're travelling! And of course your outfit is just perfect, I adore the lace skirt paired with the Rolling Stones top-- the best combination of classy and urban trendiness :) And I adore your sunnies! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, I love seeing your pretty face and stylish ways as well!

    xx Debbie

  13. That bag is soooo adorable! I love the size and especially the colour, it could easily go with every outfit. And how damn cute is your boots?! Love it!

    Reflection of Sanity

  14. Hellow dear. You look so happy in these beautiful pictures. I really love your adorable top and cute boots. Adore this look

  15. I love this idea. I think I might write one to my daughter on the first day of school every year.

    mother day gift shopping


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