Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sunshine in Chicago

It's always so wonderful when a long-time friend visits, especially if she is traveling not just from a different country but from a different continent. When apart, we are just two very different people with very different personalities and perspectives on life (she being the more outgoing and optimistic one bursting with energy and laughter, and me being the cynical, lounging-at-home-everyday kind of person). When together though, we so often get mistaken as sisters, both acting all energetically sarcastic or loudly embarrassing. 

On this very day, however normal we looked and dressed, we ran around the city while relentlessly singing "I like big butts and I cannot lie!" and repeatedly screaming "DAYUUM" at anything and everything that amused us. Even after she left, for days I could not shake away that song that previously had not once crossed my iTunes playlist of favorites. I sure hope that one day we will be neighbors spreading this craziness that we have so ridiculously hashtaged after our names, #soham.

I was way overdressed considering how maniacal we were, but the weather was way too perfect to pass. I put on my ripped skinny jeans with a blouse and a sheer moto jacket. Also put on my ankle boots that had a sexy slit on the side, and completed this look with my chanel gel nails for just the right amount of bling!

Jacket - Zara / Blouse - Zara / Shoes - Franco Sarto / Satchel - Coach / Jeans - American Eagle


  1. I wish! You can smell what im smellin umumummm ������ haha missing you mucho! Xoxo

  2. LOL! that has to be our theme song! Can't wait for our next reunion hun! ♡

  3. I love your chic outfit! Enjoy the sun there :)


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