Wednesday, December 10, 2014

All Layered Up

Technically, I am off on a vacation but have an endless to-do list. Plus, I received 18 emails from students with their final papers attached that ended with "have a wonderful break". I'll be honest--I cringed, snorted, and swore a bit.

Despite all this, I am actually headed back to Korea, which is exciting! And here's the funny thing: If I have a load of stuff to get done that I've been postponing until the last minute--and therefore need to get done on the airplane--the 13 hour flight back home does not feel so long! Ever since I realized that, it sort of became my habit to procrastinate and bring bunch of work to do on the plane so that I can endure the flight and actually get some work done (the fact that there is no Wi-Fi on the airplane helps a lot!) And all this makes me did I even survive high school?

I wish I was traveling to somewhere warmer especially since I think I deserve a break from all the freezing weather I've been enduring in Chicago, but unfortunately I am packing bags full of chunky sweaters and coats. When it comes to winter and looking fashionable, layering seems to be the one and only answer--other than freezing in the cold. On this very day, it was snowing a bit and the wind chill was seriously getting to my bones that I had to layer as much as I possibly could. Inside my owl sweater I actually had on a long-sleeved grey top just to keep the extra heat from escaping. I put on a matching neck warmer and long fingerless glove. My mom picked out this coat from Forever21 a while back, and I was actually very pleasantly surprised by the quality! It is fully lined inside, has a faux-leather trim, and most importantly it is super thick and warm--plus the material does not feel/look cheap at all. And I do not care if it is freezing or what--I love my destroyed jeans and cannot get enough of them! 

I've been telling myself that I love winter because I can wear my favorite knit sweaters and coats and whatnot, but if you are traveling to somewhere warm this winter, I cannot help but envy you with all my heart and soul. Next winter, I think I deserve a trip to Hawaii. 

Clutch - Clare Vivier 
Coat - Forever21
 Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Franco Sarto
Gloves - MaxMara


  1. Hi HaeMin you look adorable in that owl sweater! And you're going back to Korea? For good or just for winter break? Oh I'm so jelly! All that great food and shopping, oh can you please take me with you! hehe~ have a great one love and looking forward to your travel posts! ;) xo~

  2. With a 13 hour flight, I'd TOTALLY save up those papers. That time will fly right by! I've never been to Korea but I went to India last year and I was desperate for thiings to do on that damn plane ride. So desperate that I watched a boy movie with shooting and stuff. Ugh. I dunno if staring at my shoes would've been more entertaining. I have my suspicions. Haha have fun in Korea, though! And love the layered look with the boyfriend jeans. Ace look.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Wow I LOVE that jacket! It looks soooo cozy warm and is cute, too! I hate that this time of year I tend to sacrifice "cute" for "warm", so I'm always looking for adorably cute & warm pieces.

    - Sarah :)


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