Saturday, December 6, 2014

Winter Floral

One interesting transition that happened to me involved my wardrobe. It used to consist of all shades of black and grey, with a little bit of navy here and there. Part of this involved my belief that black makes you look slimmer, and part of it was because I found black to be the easiest color to layer. Whatever the intention was behind my dark wardrobe, over time it made my outfit less interesting, more mundane and repetitive, and almost thoughtless. I was not oblivious about this, but did not think that I had the time or wanted to make such extra time to try different colors and styles--I needed something that will make me look at least minimally presentable as efficiently as humanly possible.

Overtime, I realized that my friends' wardrobes seem to represent something about their personality, and the thought of mine as representing the black-grey rainbow felt rather unpleasant. I began to think that my wardrobe may represent my emotions and personality, but that such representation is also reciprocal--that I could brighten up my wardrobe and feel and be happier. 

Even though it felt pointless at first, I tried to add some colors and patterns to my wardrobe just so that on those days when I do not feel rushed I could experiment with this and that. I have to admit--I still have a wardrobe full of skirts and shirts of certain colors that I cannot ever figure out what to do with (some of them even have the tags on them), and there are certain colors that I just cannot imagine wearing (yellow & orange). I am still in the process of experimenting with different styles and colors, and my current wardrobe represents just that: a friend recently looked at my wardrobe and said that she cannot quite figure out a pattern, or anything about my taste. However, it represents much more than my taste in fashion--it shows my rather optimistic perspective of self (buying something with the hopes that it would look good on me in the near future) and my obsession with details, which were definitely not present in my wardrobe few years back. 

The overarching theme, if I could dare call it that, of my wardrobe, though, would probably be florals. Floral patterns looked as the easiest way to spice up my wardrobe, and as time went by I became obsessed with how versatile floral prints actually are! Today's blog post features my favorite floral bomber jacket from Zara that never fails to brighten up my outfit. I wore a peter pan collar dress that is grey on top and black on the bottom. The material on top is wool, whereas the material of the skirt is almost quilt-like and it matches the material of the bomber jacket. I wore sheer black tights and my leather knee-high boots to stay warm on this drizzling cold day. I finished the look with my favorite Sophie Hulme mini box tote that I just cannot get enough of. These photos would have captured the beauty of this jacket more if only the weather wasn't so rainy!

What does your wardrobe say about you and what do you do to spice up your outfit? 

Floral Bomber Jacket

Floral Bomber Jacket2

Jacket - ZARA
Dress - TREND COLLECTION (Korean Brand)


  1. You look great! Love your floral jacket!

    - Deniz

  2. That floral jacket makes such a lovely statement piece, I actually really like it on you! xx

    Reflection of Sanity | Smashbox Giveaway

  3. I love your floral jacket


  4. Love everything about this look. You look super cute and trendy!! Have a fabulous week darling :-)
    Xoxoxo Ladiva

  5. You look beautiful! I love those boots and this floral jacket is absolutely darling.

  6. Love the floral jacket! I have mainly neutrals in my closet too. I love having patterns in neutral colors too though because they seem to pair well with a lot but add some variety. Thanks for stopping by!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  7. You are seriously theee most adorable person ever! The cutest! And i am loving how you styled the boho boots with the floral bomber, so fun and unique! Love that coat, I think I need one!

    Maya Beth

  8. Hehe~ so cute as every dear, I love that floral bomber jacket, so Givenchy-ish! And that orange mini bag is divine, I see we both have an eye for orangey goodness! ;) xo~ Lena

  9. Hello beautiful HaeMin! I must say that the flowered jacket looks amazing on you. The flowers on the jacket print make you glow:-) Love the way you styled it and the Quilted fabric dress is super adorable. I loved that bag since you first got it and goes perfect with look. I like the boots a lot too! I am glad you chose to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. That is what life is all about:-) Have a wonderful week! xoxo, Jeannette

  10. Hi dear Hae Min. I really love your pretty and adorable look here. The flower pattern jacket is so adorable and fits perfectly for you. And the all shots are beautiful. You look so gorgeous.

  11. Love the floral jacket, you look great !

    Coco xx

  12. HaeMin I want Santa to bring me your complete outfit. You look so pretty girl. Awww that bag, that bag, that bag........................



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