Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fashionable in the Cold: Marc by Marc Jacobs Skirted Dress Coat

I've been eyeing Kate Middleton's grey skirted dress coats for the longest time, but it almost seemed impossible to find one that is warm enough for winter. Few weeks back, I was mindlessly going through the aisles at Nordstrom rack and have almost given up all hope in finding a warm skirted coat until I came across this one from Marc by Marc Jacobs. The 60% wool felt thick and soft, and it hit right below my knees for extra warmth. I decided to go up a size so that I could wear pretty much whatever I wanted underneath as this coat by itself alone made the entire outfit look classy and fashionable.

This was my outfit on my way to the church the other day. I didn't want my outfits to scream "runway" so the only hint of color added to this outfit was burgundy from my gloves. I then borrowed my mother's beautiful wool shawl that has these subtle frills, perfect for such classy look (Can you believe that it is actually 20 years old? But it feels and looks so new!) I put on my suede knee-high boots that I've been pretty much wearing on a daily basis as my knees get really cold and sore (and I am only in my mid-20s. What.) Underneath I am wearing a tweed dress and tied a sheer scarf around my waist as a belt to give it a bit of love. In fall, this dress would look amazing with just the shawl.  

In the last two pictures, I styled this coat in the same way but wore leggings and simple burgundy oversized top. Despite how simple the inside was on the inside, the dress added such style and classy feel to this outfit, making #fashionableinthecold not all too difficult.

Coat - Marc Jacobs, similar hereherehere
Dress - Valley Girl (Korean brand) similar here
Gloves - similar here


  1. You look super chic! I love it!

    - Deniz

  2. Your hair, Smile , the outfit Everything is perfect. Xxxxxo 😘

  3. Darling you look amazing!! Ah I can't get my eyes off of your Marc Jacobs coat, it's a classic one that'd look great with any outfit! You never cease to amaze me with your classy and polished ensembles Hae Min, truly an adorable one you are! :) xo~ Lena

  4. Love the ruffled details of the dress, such a pretty design! And the skirted dress coat is so feminine and elegant, beautiful!


  5. Aww my beautiful fashionista! Thank you!! <3

  6. I know right?!! It is so fabbbb!!!! I had to leave it in Korea because my mom was in love with it and oh well. Sharing is caring right? haha. Anyhow, thank you so much Lena! <3

  7. Thanks Prudence!!!! It makes me feel extra classy and I love it!

  8. I've been dying for a coat-dress ever since Kate Middleton hit the seen - I love the dress you have on underneath as well!

    - Sarah :)


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