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Colourpop Most Popular Eyeshadows and Lippie Stix UNSPONSORED Review

Like many other people who have nothing better to do but to watch Youtube videos, I was looking at bunch of makeup reviews when I came across ColourPop eyeshadow in the color "sequin". I found so many people raving about how pigmented their eyeshadows and lip sticks are, and it especially caught my attention as everything was for only $5. I've probably had the worst experiences when it comes to drugstore brands and their eyeshadows getting all flakey on my eyelids, so given the price I had my highest doubts about this brand as well. However, with the $5 discount for all new customers and a free shipping on order above $30, I could not resist but whip out my card like it was nobody's business.

I knew I needed the eyeshadow in "sequin," but after doing some heavy Youtube searches I found their purple and red lippie stix that I immediately knew I also had to have. These days I am a little too obsessed with the color purple so I have been searching for purple lip sticks, but as someone who does not put on makeup on a daily basis I wasn't so sure if I could justify getting purple lipsticks in every shade that I desired. But with ColourPop cosmetics' affordable price, I decided why not give them a try.

These came 14 days after ordering it, and that was 8 days past the estimated delivery date. I was far from being happy, but after all I did not expect much from USPS especially after all the snow that we were getting in Chicago. I am just thankful that it made it through.

So here's what I got after searching through and through the web for the perfect shades of beauty, and all for $35 (WHAT?! I KNOW RIGHT?!) 

For Lippie Stix, I got the shade Grind, Brills, Heart On, Bossy, and Clique. 
For eyeshadows, I got the shade Get Lucky, Sequin, and Game Face.

On the left is Game Face, Sequin, and Get Lucky swatched from left to right.
On the right is Get Lucky, Sequin, and Game Face swatched from left to right.

So those Youtube videos were not kidding about how awesome these eyeshadows actually are. Gorgeous shades in such a creamy texture that just glides on. Plus, their eyeshadows were not tested on animals, so what else can I say?

Overall, Get Lucky and Game Face are everything that I had expected from coppery and gold eyeshadows, but Sequin is everything but more! It is such a beautiful rosy pink shade with a hint of gold, and it doesn't make your eyes look like you've been crying for hours and hours. I personally prefer eyeshadows that are matte, but these were not overly glittery or cheap looking at all. After all, me wearing a glittery eyeshadow is just something that is unheard of. 

I was wearing Sequin on my lids the other day, and I received so many compliments! It does not crease at all, and stayed on quite beautifully even without a primer. However, I do recommend using your fingers with these as my eyeshadow brush did not do anything except leave some glitters on my eyelids.

Sequin is such a perfect shade for a daily makeup, and Get Lucky and Game Face for a girl's night out!

Swatched from left to right is Grind, Brills, Heart On, Bossy, and Clique. 
Every single one of ColourPop Lippie Stix comes with a matching lip pencil that compliments the shade, but then I ended up with a shopping cart totaling some 150 dollars. So I made a budget friendly decision to just try their lip sticks, see how they work, find the colors that I like, and then get those matching lip pencils if necessary. 

ColourPop Lippie Stix are fabulously pigmented. They all contain Shea butter, Vitamin E, mango, and avocado to keep your lips moisturized--the only one that felt the most matte and a bit dry was Brills. 

Grind is a deep purple shade perfect for a grunge look and it will satisfy your purple desires. Brills is a pretty lavender purple color, but this is probably one of the ones that is the least flattering for my skin tone. I don't think I will be using this one too often, but only for those days when a lavender lip matches whatever floral outfit I have on--or if I end up dying my hair lavender.

Heart On is a deep hot pink that is not neon. As much as I love neon colors, I wanted something that will make my lips pop without turning my skin to look more yellow and orange, and this was the exact shade that I wanted.

And why not add some red to this entire ColourPop collection? Bossy is one of their most popular ones, and it is a gorgeous shade of pure red--not too bloody, not too pink. Clique has more of an orangey-red shade and it seems to pop a bit more on my lips than Bossy, and most importantly it gives this beautiful classy look to my makeup.

I love how I can splurge on makeup without feeling guilty at all! Quite honestly, I was really impressed with the pigmentation of ColourPop eyeshadows and Lippie Stix, and can't wait to pair these with my outfit! 

Which of these Lippie Stix shades do you like? What are your favorite budget friendly makeup brands? 


  1. Love it, thanks so much for sharing this review! ColourPop is such a wonderful brand, they definitely live up to the hype surrounding their products. I love the eyeshadows you picked out, and now you've really made me want to try Sequin! My favorite ColourPop shadow is called I Heart This, it is the most stunning shade.

    xo, Dolce //
    Leave me a comment; I'm always looking for new blogs to follow!

    1. Aww Dolce thank you so much for visiting my blog! :) Totally in love with this brand, and guess what, I even have Sequin on right now. It's so perfect <3 xoxo, HaeMin

  2. Love it doll.!! Your Face looks Flawless .. Thanks for sharing . Xo

  3. Gorgeous colors! I love how shimmery they are and how they glide on easily as you mentioned, definitely a great pop of color!! Oh have fun with your new Colour Pop goodies! :) xo~ Lena

    1. Omg Lena I don't know why my blog is saying that you are the one commenting, lol, but anyhow thank you so much for your comment! Totally loving all of their shadows--gotta get more!!! xoxo, HaeMin

  4. The lipstick colors are GORGEOUS! Seriously, such vibrant and beautiful shades! I'm sure you'll get to wear them a ton this spring/summer!

    - Deniz

    1. And they are so moisturizing to the lips too! Amazing given how budget friendly these are <3

  5. the colour is so nice!!!!! need to try

  6. Just found your blog and have just read 3 posts I love you. I can see you put in the work and write with passion. You may not be the biggest blogger out there but you are the kind of blogger that inspires me each and every day to write my blog. keep doing what your doing and you will be a massive blogger in the years to come. going to go look at your other posts now byexx luv u

    1. Awww that means so much! Thank you so much for your sweet comment hun! Comments like yours keep me blogging :) Have a wonderful day, and wish you all the best! xoxo, HaeMin

  7. All of those for $35?! The lip colours look amazing, and so do the shadows! So glad they worked for you! I'm not much of a makeup wearer, honestly, but I would definitely invest in these!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'

    1. I know right?! AMEN TO THAT! And not only is the price soooo cheap, the quality is simply AMAZING! <3 You would love em!!

  8. I just now read this post and omg... I really need to try this brand! I've been putting it off for months- but why? It looks incredible!!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

    1. Aww Jenny I totally recommend this brand! ESPECIALLY their shadows. Glides on sooo beautifully!! <3

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this product line! I have never heard of it but will definitely check it out. :)


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