Saturday, February 14, 2015

A tour around my (almost full) Pandora bracelet

My Pandora bracelet is almost full, and it contains the precious memories of the past two years that my boyfriend and I were together. He got it as a gift for me no later than one month after our relationship started, and in the beginning I could not wait around for some occasion to call for a charm, so I went ahead and purchased a bunch for myself. After that I calmed down a bit, and these charms represent a little something special, and I wanted to share my Pandora moments on this blog today.

My life hasn't changed much since the day I received this bracelet, but my boyfriend's has. It all begain when he was going through the toughest and themost uncertain period of his life, and each charm reminds me that we went through it all together and made it.

Tour Around my Pandora Bracelet

Tour Around my Pandora Bracelet2

Here is what my Pandora bracelet looks like. It is almost full, and just to make things look more balanced, I am planning on filling the empty spaces with another murano glass charm and a dangle charm.

Tour Around my Pandora Bracelet 3

The first charm is a safety chain with little hearts engraved on it. I got this when we were in an intercontinental (haha) long distance relationship and had to communicate through the 15 hour time difference (we are still in a long distance relationship, but thank God we're in the same time zone!). The purpose of a safety chain which links one end of the bracelet to the other end is to secures all the charms in place, and it becomes really handy when putting the bracelet on as it prevents your bracelet from slipping out of your wrist. My boyfriend said this represents us being connected in heart, even as we are separated in distance.

Next to it is a cute Bible that I absolutely adore. Pandora has other charms related to Christianity, but this one was way too adorable to pass. Anyhow, we met at a Bible study and this charm is to mark the beginning of my Pandora bracelet with what represents the beginning of our relationship. It was out of a pure coincidence that I decided to join a Bible study group on the very day that he was leading it, and I still don't know why I decided to do so when I had to ruin dinner plans for 6 other people with this very selfish decision.

"T" is the initial of my boyfriend's first name, so I got that one to show that he is part of this whole Pandora narrative. Next is a dangle tiara charm with "My Princess" engraved on it, and the details on this charm is so beautiful. Next is a red heart-printed Murano charm that I got last year for the Valentine's day. It doesn't hurt to show a bit of affection right?

Next is a clip with heart-shaped cherries. If anyone is considering getting a pandora bracelet, it doesn't matter how many charms you start out with, I highly suggest that you get two clips first. Without it your bracelets will expand like mine did, and that was not very fun. No story really behind the two clips that I have (the cherries and the stars)--I just needed them asap so I picked whatever fit the bill really.

Next is a stroller and no I am not pregnant. He used to call me "baby" in Korean (notice the past tense), and he had this weirdest, most soothing accent when he said it that I absolutely loved...and plus he pretty much babysits me because I can be very needy at times--so a charm for that.
The car represents the time when he drove through the snow storm to pick me up, and it definitely was not fun being in the passenger's seat as his car crawled through the streets of Chinatown.

I got the teddy bear because, as uncomfortable as this may sound coming from a 25 year old girl, I am crazy attached to one of my build-a-bears and...yup. It's THAT bad.
Around May of 2013 I really wanted a red hair and decided to do it by myself. Soon, I realized that it was a big mistake, but my boyfriend managed saved the day by applying that intensely red dye on my hair very evenly. When he went to the store to get this comb dangle charm so that I forever remember how he went through all that trouble with the red dye, and the sales associate at Pandora asked if his girlfriend was a hairdresser. A big fat no.

The funny story behind the white murano charm and the dice: He had secretly purchased the dice charm and the snake charm to give me as a Christmas/birthday gift. I guess he was expecting me to say no when he asked if I wanted to get something from Pandora, but I snatched that opportunity and ran into the store and picked out this white murano charm. Despite being financially broke at that time, he could not tell me that he actually have something else for me and that we should leave. I still find it hilarious that the sales associates there played along with that.

So as you can see the dice represents Vegas, and the snake was part of my birthday gift because in the Chinese Zodiac I am a snake.

Next one is my favorite charm of them all! It's called "lifesaver" and we got this because my boyfriend had finally matched into a medical residency program. He went through so much to get this far, and there was no way I was not getting a Pandora charm to celebrate.

The last one I have here is called "bear hug." Although I had been going to church since I was a little kid, I sort of became very distant and my boyfriend and I had these frequent fights about it. Things were not going so well between us, so I just decided that if going to church is so important to him, I might as well try to understand him--and what better way than going to church myself to do so. So for the first time in my life, I dragged my lazy butt to a church without having someone else drag/drive me even though everything screamed inconvenience. And this charm was my boyfriend's way of acknowledging that I did something that was not so easy to do for me, although it may be the most natural thing to do for him.

And here's what I love about Pandora. Despite its evil price tag, the details on each charm are just so precious. I just wanted to show you all what the back of this "bear hug" charm looks like--I mean, isn't that so adorable?

I really wish that Pandora will come up with a prettier charm in a shape of a camera because the current one is, in my opinion, way too simple and ugly to represent how much I love taking photos. I also got my mother a Pandora bracelet as well because she wanted to wear mine but there was no way in the world that it would be appropriate. I for sure have opened the Pandora's box, and one for my mom as well--it sure is infectiously contagious.

What are your most cherished presents that you have exchanged/received from your loved one? What would you say is the perfect gift for lovers?




  1. I love it! I always forget to wear my Pandora bracelet. Like you, I collected charms that meant something to me. I know a lot of women collected charms to make their bracelet look cohesive and fashionable. Which is fine. But I do love when a good charm bracelet contains a great story. :)

    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  2. Jenny, I'd love to know the story behind your bracelet! ! :D Those that are symmetrical sure are beautiful, but I just could not justify buying charms in pairs or more just for that purpose. After all, it's not like each of these charms cost a dollar.

    Happy Valentine's Day! <3

  3. Aw, that's so sweet that you have this bracelet to remember all the milestones in your relationship :) I love that a seemingly simple piece of jewelry can tell such a story!


  4. This is such an adorable bracelet! I'm glad it signifies your relationship with your boyfriend and how lovely is the tiara charm with the "My Princess" wording. Hope you had a great weekend dear :) xo~ Lena

  5. This is such a cute bracelet and I am loving that all of these charms represent. I think it is amazing that each one has a story and how cool it is that you have made a memory of it through jewelry! This is such an amazing piece and has way more to offer than just beauty!


  6. Beautiful bracelet.

  7. This is such a beautiful post, I love every story behind each charm. You both sounds like an amazing couple, wishing the both of you many years of happiness! xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. This post is so wonderful, I love the bracelet and the story behind it!! What an adorable couple <3


  9. Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful! Swarovski kette

  10. Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I enjoyed and smiled while reading your Pandora story! Thanks for sharing!


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