Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunny Days and Striped and Destroyed

The sun is finally out, and that mean I can be more fun and flexible with my outfits, and I am so excited! Quite frankly I have been planning my spring outfits since December of last year, so whatever Spring 2015 trends are going to be, I sure do hope that some of them will match the outfits I have in mind.

For this very day, I just wanted to throw something on but at the same time be attentive to the details. So first I paired my striped sweater with my ripped denim jeans to look and feel casual. Then I put on a striped wire headband with gold chains to match the sweater--after all, the colors of the stripes were a perfect match! Plus, this headband helps somewhat cover up my roots and accentuate my two-toned hair. Then I put on my cobalt shoes and large black satchel to complete the look.

Nothing too overwhelmingly fancy or crazy, but with a simple headband and popping colored heels, this outfit looks and feels as casual as possible with a bit of personality added to it.

What is the one item in your closet that you are just waiting to whip out for this spring?

XOXO, Hae Min

Zara Destroyed Denim

Zara Destroyed Denim 2

Jeans: Zara Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
Sweater & Headband: Street shops from Korea
Bag: Coach Madison Leather Sophia Large Satchel
Shoes: Audrey Brooke Hylda Suede Pump


  1. This is SO CUTE!!! I need you to drive all the way to Kentucky and show me how to dress- because I have no style whatsoever. I would definitely wear this outfit though, so adorable!


    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  2. Yes, I follow you via gfc #37, follow back?

  3. I do envy anyone who can wear ripped jeans or boyfriend jeans, I just look sloppy in it and close to looking like a homeless. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. *-* I love this outfit, I like stripe patterns so I'm already bias, but I really like the colour of the sweater. (Now, I want to shop at Korea) I really like the fact you were able to find a headband that matches!

    The items that I'm looking forward to taking out for the spring, is wearing my shorter floral dresses, because I love wearing dresses, but it's pretty cold right now to do so.

    Are you also on LOOKBOOK???? :)

    xx Courtney

  5. i can't believe you've been planning your spring outfits since december but it looks like the good planning is paying off. you look absolutely adorable! those jeans are especially amazing!
    love, liz

  6. I love that sweater, HaeMin and it looks perfect on you! Such a great spring look (:

    - Deniz

  7. I love your jeans!



  8. Darling why are you soooo cute??!! Ahh your hairband is super adorable and it goes so well with your sweater. I want to go shopping in Korea now too!! hehe~ have a lovely day gorgeous! :) xo~ Lena

  9. Love your jeans doll! Thank you for visiting my blog ofcourse I would like to follow each other!

    here are all my links

  10. amazing blog, if u wanna follow each other, plz let me know on my blog

  11. You are SO adorable and I seriously love those jeans!!!! I always love seeing your photos, you make me smile :) I think that every single pair of shorts in my closet is what I'm waiting to pull out for good haha! I'm always cold and I need some serious warm weather so that I can run around in shorts and sandals.

    xox, Maya Beth

  12. Great post, I really liked your style. You want us to follow the one to the other? let me know. kisses


  13. Loving those jeans so much! Really adore the striped top as well! I know how you feel having already planned out so many spring outfits. Love the headband, I have so many of those from when I lived in Korea!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters


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