Saturday, April 4, 2015

Black and Blue

To my horror, a friend of mine recently told me that her coworkers commented on her dusty pink coat, stating that she is perhaps a bit too old to wear pink. Needless to say, she is only 27 but that isn't even vaguely important. Over the last year and half, I had purposefully distanced myself from people who find it easy to apply their definitions of right and wrong to other people, especially when it comes to appearances. However, as social human beings, sometimes we grit our teeth and bare being around those very people because we find that to be the better option than the alternative, which seems to be loneliness.

Anyhow, as someone with purple hair who can't care less about what some random stranger has to say about my outfit--let alone the color of my outfit--the only thing I could tell her was that even if she were to stop wearing pink, they will still find other things problematic and will not hesitate to point them out.

When it comes to outfits, I understand that there are "how to wear this 101" and "how to wear that 101", and they teach people the most foolproof way to wearing whatever is in trend. But then again, inspirations and creativity do not depend on these "101's", and neither does individuality.

This little spiel probably has nothing to do with my outfit because I doubt there really is anything groundbreaking or original. I am wearing simple colors--black and blue--and made sure that the dress and the cardigan have something in common, which in this case is the sheer fabric. The panel on the dress is sheer and the cardigan is a sheer chiffon as well (because of the rather chilly weather I am wearing a thin black wool cardigan underneath, the cardigan doesn't look so sheer in these photos). I love matching fabrics because doing so makes me feel like the whole outfit is coming together.

I'm currently eyeing these pair of black ballerina platforms (which I am sure would break my ankles), and those would have given such a different feel to this outfit. On this day though, I wanted to tone things down a bit so I went with a pair of nude sandals.

What is your favorite way of styling your outfits? And what colors are you digging this spring?

XOXO, HaeMin

Blue Sheer Dress and Sophie Hulme

Dress: 337 Brand Mesh Waist Shift Dress
Cardigan: Zara
Bag: Sophie Hulme Mini Box Tote Bag
Shoes: BCBGeneration 


  1. Your dress is so chic, I love the colour

  2. Lovely post!
    Let's follow to each other!
    Let me know. :)

  3. First of all, that coworker of your friend is b*itchy and rude but unfortunately you're right, there are always someone like that. I had a man telling me something along that line once too but I bit his head off by asking when was the last time he looked in the mirror because as I can see, he's the last person on earth that qualifies to 'advise' me on what to wear. He backed off and stayed off. LOL!

    I agree there's a guide in fashion but mostly so you won't walk out of your home with your knickers on your head. I say wear what you're comfortable with, that's what makes us interesting and individual. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. Hi HaeMin, ohh I just hate those kind of people. If they don't have anything nice to say, just say nothing at all right? I just think those people are somehow jealous of her! If your friend likes to wear pink, then she should wear it with pride! Pink is a beautiful colour and I think everyone can wear it! You look lovely in that cobalt blue dress btw! And it actually goes so well with your purple hair! Just love it! xo Vivian

  5. I totally agree with you on that incident with your coworker - it surprises me how some people can be both narrow-minded and impolite!

    Your outfit is pure urban chic; I really love it!:)

  6. I hate people lie the co-worker you mentioned, it's not their place to decide what someone should or shouldn't be wearing at their age/height/size - whatever. I think pink is ageless anyhow! :3
    I love your hair, and this dress looks so chic, classy, fabulous! x
    stop by my blog if you're interested :) xx


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