Monday, June 8, 2015

Eyelet Romper for Every Sweetheart

It is amazing how two people can be connected in such a way that they develop the same tastes, preferences, beliefs, and behaviors. Just last week I became aware of my boyfriend using the same phrases that I've been using for years, only to realize that I also say the things that I never used to before. After all, we are just two very different individuals but we've grown to be so alike--so imagine what the relationship between a mother and a daughter would be like.

I for one am very fortunate enough to have a close relationship with my mom. The degree to which a mother can influence her child has seriously interested me for years, and being a loudly introspective self-aware individual that I am, there are many things good and bad that I can attribute to the kind of relationship that I had with my mom. One of countless things that we share (or more like I acquired from her) is the love for eyelet patterns. She mentioned once or twice how much she loved that gorgeous white eyelet tablecloth we had in our dining room and that eyelet sweater that she no longer could wear. And a couple of years after when I had enough money in my pocket to please whatever whim or vanity itched me, I found myself obsessed with everything eyelet. When my mom came to visit me in Chicago, she was ever so quick to note all the things eyelet I had in my closet.

So here is one of the many eyelet pieces that I own, but the only one that I had seriously splurged on. It is a beautiful sleeveless dusty green romper with eyelet details and wide ruffle collar that I got while shopping in Fashion Outlets of Chicago. Such a statement piece on its on that needs nothing else in particular to catch one's eyes. A must-have for anyone in love with eyelets and rompers! Check out my photos below to see how I styled it recently and also during the colder months with a thicker sweater cardigan. 

Thanks for reading this blog! 

XOXO, HaeMin

eyelet romper spring sophie hulme box tote

eyelet romper and sophie hulme box tote

eyelet romper, sophie hulme tote, michael kors sawyer

eyelet romper

The outfit below is during the colder and windier day in March. Love how this dusty green works for spring and autumn, with sandals and booties!

Eyelet Romper

Eyelet Romper and Sweater Cardigan
Eyelet Romper and Sophie Hulme Mini Box Tote


  1. What a beautifully written post, Hae. It's fascinating, I agree with you, how much one can be influenced by another person, especially one with which we have a close relationship with. On hindsight, I've just realized how much I've been influenced linguistically by my boyfriend and stylistically by my mum, too! Haha, the eyelet romper is so gorgeous, and the color looks so good on you! Loving the shoes, too!

    May x • THE MAYDENbloglovin'

  2. That romper is gorgeous and I love the colour too. And you cut your hair short! While I love your violet hair, I think you look so much cuter and gorgeous with a short bob! It really suits you!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. Replies
    1. What an edgy and unique romper, Haemin! So cute with cardigan and boots! I <3 the collar!


  4. Dear you look so adorable! I love the sleeveless romper with the wide ruffle collar, what a great find! And I love how you played with colors by adding that cute mini bag, this look is ideal for summer! And thanks for sharing that lovely story about your mother and her love for eyelet pieces, my mom is a big fan of lace and that has made me gravitate towards that design a lot in my fashion choices! :) xo~ Lena

  5. You look absolutely adorable!! that romper is so cute and chic!! I really love it!!
    xx, Natali

    100% natural & homemade cosmetics => sano sanisimo

  6. I love your style, and that eyelet romper is so pretty! It looks very comfy too, I might add. :D It looks really good paired with that off white cardigan.

  7. This is such a great outfit, and it's great how you depicted to wear this for different seasons x | Room 95

  8. Very cute and unique romper. The collar is so cute.

    ~ xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  9. SUCH a cool romper! I love love love the sleeves! So unique!

    - Deniz

  10. What a cute romper! Love the eyelet and the dramatic neckline. You look super cute Haemin! Loving your haircut!

    xx freshfizzle

  11. Love the romper and love how you styled it.
    My blog: RumelaTheShopaholic

  12. Me and my mum are like friends as well, and she actually share our closets sometime haha! cute romper and bag! i love Sophie Hulme as well, the design and quality is just amazing! :) love your blog name btw!

  13. Wow, that collar *.*
    This eyelet romper is very pretty! It's such a unique piece :) x

  14. This is such a cool, unique outfit! Have never seen anything similar. Awesome, thanks for sharing!

    xx -n
    Naomi in Wonderland

  15. HaeMin!! You cut your hair!! Loved your lavender hair, but I have to say this bob suits you even more! ;) And what a sweet post! I also have a close relationship with my mom and she has also a postive influence in my life :) You look very lovely in that eyelet romper! It's so chic! xo Vivian

  16. Such a cuet romper.
    I never seen anything like thatXO

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  17. this is so cute, i don't think it would suit me but it looks great on you :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  18. Such a cute romper and loving your bag!!

    xx 365Hangers

  19. I love how you balance out the romper with simple shoes! And I completely agree, being close with my mom has been amazing growing up, and I still depend on her advice sometimes. I hope I can be as great a mom as she has.

    Angelina Is

  20. Such an amazing look, hun! Totally swoon worthy!
    XOXO, Vanessa

  21. Hey that is a fun piece and I like how you styled with the fringe boots. Sure lets follow each!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  22. What a unique and lovely romper! I love the eyelet details on it!


  23. Such a lovely romper!! Color looks great on u!

  24. I totally know what you mean about 2 people being so connected. Unfortunately I'm not close with my mother, but growing up she had our home filled with owls. She loves owls! I find myself filling my home with them now. Well, not filling, but I've got more than a few owls around here. :)

    I love that outfit! I don't think it's a look I could pull off, but you definitely can! I especially love it paired with that handbag and booties!

  25. This romper is so unique and beautiful :) You and your mum must both have great taste! That fringe boots and bag are really lovely too.

    Rachel xx

  26. I recently noticed the same thing about my husband and me:) It's interesting how we become a little bit more alike with every year.
    Your Mom definitely has a great sense of style; eyelet patterns are very feminine and chic. I really love how you styled this romper with a beige bag and sandals. Perfect for a summer day:)

  27. Love the shoulders of your blouse, looks very nice :)
    Bisous from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  28. that's actually a really cute romper! so unique too!! you and your mom have great sense of style ;)

  29. Absolutely love the cute romper, I love that it's knitted too and that bag is everything <3

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  30. I definitely agree how we are influenced by people as I never thought my mum influenced me until I am older and am like wow this is so christine haha, I love that playsuit on you it looks so cute with the cardigan and boots! xxx

  31. Such a great post! It is very fascinating how influenced we are/how much we influence those around us, isn't it? I hope your mum enjoyed Chicago, you look gorgeous :) xx

  32. Adore your Sophie Hulme bag! And that romper is so cool!

    District of Chic


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