Saturday, January 2, 2016

From Asian Black Hair to Bleached Platinum Blonde to Lavender and Finally Back to Black Hair

Bleached Asian Hair to Platinum to Lavender
From Asian black hair to bleached platinum blonde to lavender and finally back to black hair.

Last year was a year full of colorful hair experimentations: I went from a complete Asian black hair to a two-toned brown-ash brown hair to pink, lavender, blue, and dark purple hair, finally back to my natural black hair. (Click here to see my blogpost on how I bleached my hair and dyed it lavender).

The journey itself was fun. Aside from that one time when I put too much purple dye and my hair turned almost pitch black and I spent the entire night washed my hair more than a dozen times to get that off to no avail and cried myself to sleep, I experienced minimal failure and was able to get much of the results I desired. I particularly loved seeing my hair fade from purple to all sorts of pink, blue, and purple shades, and even though I had to steer away from certain colors for my outfit (like orange), overall it was a fun time for me.

In terms of maintenance, I cannot stress enough how time-consuming lavender / bleached hair was for me. Even after using a toner to make my hair completely platinum white, it developed an orangey yellow tint ever so fast even as I was using a purple shampoo to specifically maintain that. So dyeing my hair purple felt like the most natural step, but little was I aware of how fast the lavender can fade. I wanted the lightest silvery pink lavender color, and while I was able to achieve that color, it only lasted at most a week. I could either dye my hair slightly more purple and darker than that and wait for it to fade, or I could dye it exactly how I wanted it to be and re-dye constantly (and/or I could put purple dye into my conditioner and condition my hair longer than usual). I chose the first option and dyed my hair every 3 weeks, and used the conditioner with a purple dye only when my hair was in the perfect shade of lavender. So no, this wasn't an easy one time or even a monthly task that gives you the perfect results. For my ideal shade of lavender, it was a daily task (which involved cold showers).

Let's also talk about the damage. Over time, I missed being able to comb my hair without experiencing any tangling. If I used a hair straightener, my hair did look a lot smoother but I feared the additional damage the heat would do to my already super damaged, at least four times bleached hair.

I could color my hair something completely different, but I had already dyed my hair red and orange before, blue and green weren't my favorite, and my hair was in all shades of pink and purple. So I got it cut short, leaving only some parts of my hair to be lavender, with no regrets whatsoever. After a month I got it cut super short (right below my ears) to get rid of all the damaged parts and dyed my hair entirely black. I've been growing my hair ever since and there are still parts of my hair in the bottom that is damaged from the bleaching and needs to be trimmed (thank God I only did two-toned or else I would've needed to go bald), but I love how the color of my hair matches the color of my eyes and my eyebrows and how my eyes look sharper with the new hair color. I don't regret going lavender, but currently and frankly for a very long time I do not have any plans to dye my hair because I feel like I've had enough experimentations with my hair, but I said the same thing first time I bleached my hair so...

Anyhow, to anyone thinking about bleaching or dyeing your hair lavender, I would highly recommend that you look at this as a potentially very long-term process that involves a lot of time and effort. And if you are like me and know that you won't stop obsessing over platinum white, lavender, mint, or whatever color of hair that's on your wishlist, I wish you all the best of luck!



Bleached Asian Hair to Platinum to Lavender2
First attempt at dyeing my hair lavender which was a huge success!
Bleached Asian Hair to Platinum to Lavender3
Before cutting and dyeing my hair back to black.

Bleached Asian Hair to Platinum to Lavender Purple
This was the most interesting silvery lavender hair I got!

Bleached Asian Hair to Platinum to Lavender purple2
Didn't fade so evenly but I personally find it to be what's the most beautiful about lavender hair.

Bleached Asian Hair to Platinum to Lavender short hair
Long hair snipped off...A short lavender two-tone hair.

Asian short hairstyle
And finally dyed it back to black and got it cut super short.


  1. You looked beautiful with all the looks you experimented but honestly really loved the lavender look. Happy New year hun xx

    The Chicster Diaries

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words hun <3

  2. I love your lavender hair (I don't have the guts to do it) but there's something about simple black that is just stunning. Loving the haircut too!

    1. Aww thanks so much hun! :) Yeah I plan on keeping the black for some time hehe!


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