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MAC Mocha, Kinda Sexy, Wet n Wild Bare It All Comparison, Dupes, Review, and FOTD

MAC Mocha, Kinda Sexy, Wet n Wild Bare It All Comparison, Dupes, Review, and FOTD

I have been obsessed with MLBB Lipsticks lately, and MAC Mocha is one of the newest lipsticks in my collection. It is one of those MLBB lipstick that isn't too pale nor light but packs in just the right amount of color to my lips. It is quite creamy and I do find this to be not as drying as MAC Kinda Sexy (reviewed here).

Initially, I walked in MAC's store to help my friend find a perfect MLBB lipstick. Initially I recommended Velvet Teddy but it looked too pale on her cool skin tone--but Mocha added such beautiful color to her lips and looked so amazing on her that I picked one up for myself as well. And since this one pairs well with my warm skin tone as well, I'd recommend it to both cool and warm skin tones!

MAC Mocha Lipstick

MAC Mocha Lipstick

Here's a swatch of MAC Mocha. 
It has a bit of a red undertone to it, which I can't seem to get enough of lately. 

MAC Mocha Lipstick Swatch

This is how MAC Mocha looks compared with Kinda Sexy. 
As you can see, Kinda Sexy is lighter and leans more pink than Mocha which leans more red and coral.

MAC Mocha and Kinda Sexy Swatches & Comparison

Wet n Wild's Bare It All is an amazing dupe for MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy, and I've swatched it next to MAC Mocha and Kinda Sexy. As you can see, Bare It All falls right in the middle! It is slightly redder than Kinda Sexy but less so than Mocha, but it leans more pink and lighter than Mocha.

MAC Mocha, Bare It All, and Kinda Sexy Swatches & Comparison

Because Kinda Sexy is quite pale on my lips, I thought it would be similar to Shy Girl but it is no where close. 

MAC Mocha, Bare It All, and Kinda Sexy, Shy Girl Swatches & Comparison

I hope this post was helpful to anyone looking for a perfect MLBB lipstick! 
Please share in the comments below if you have one that you love! :)



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  1. Thank you for the swatches! I've been looking for a MLBB for forever, this was really helpful! You are super pretty btw and your makeup in the top pic is on point :O


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