Sunday, February 7, 2016

MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Swatch & Review: Favorite Reddish Brown Eyeshadow

MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Swatch and Review
MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Swatch & Review

Here's one of my favorite brown eyeshadow of LIFE! As someone who loves to do burgundy eye makeup, there is nothing better than MAC Mulch to smoke it out. On MAC's website, MAC is described as a "red-brown w/bronze pearl" and it is exactly that. It has just the perfect about of reddish tone to it to bring out warmth to any eye look without being too dark or overwhelming. When applied lightly, it just gives the right amount of depth, but it can also be used for a more smokey look. This is such an awesome eyeshadow to anyone who loves warm  and/or burgundy makeup!

Here's the swatch of MAC Mulch: applies flawlessly,very pigmented, minimal fallout, long-lasting, and just perfection.

MAC Mulch Swatch
MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Swatch & Review

All the other browns eyeshadows I have were either too golden or too dark, I actually don't have anything quite like this one! I thought this would be very similar to Urban Decay Smog but it looks way too golden compared to MAC Mulch (and its the closest one I have to MAC Mulch). Also, Urban Decay Darkhorse from the same Naked 1 palette is way too dark (looks just black compared to Mulch)

MAC Mulch Urban Decay Smog Compare Swatch
LEFT: MAC Mulch, RIGHT: Urban Decay Smog

And I can't honestly get over how amazing MAC Mulch is when used with MAC Cranberry, which is my another favorite eyeshadow from MAC (see my review of MAC Cranberry here). This combination is just so flawless and easy!

MAC Cranberry and MAC Mulch swatches
MAC Cranberry and MAC Mulch: The best combination ever!

I actually don't remember what I have on the center of my lids on this day, but I know that I have MAC Mulch on the other V. What you see on the outer V of right eye (left on the screen) is the closest to the actual color of this eyeshadow, and it gives such warmth to my eyemakeup that I use this almost on a daily basis during autumn & winter!

MAC Mulch eyeshadow swatch and review
MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Swatch & Review

I hope you found this post useful!
If you have a favorite brown eyeshadow, please share! :)




  1. My favorite brown eyeshadow is Satin Taupe (it leans more brown than taupe on me).

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. Mulch is gorgeous on you! I don't have a favourite brown shadow... yet :)

  3. Wow! You are right; this eyeshadow matches perfectly with Cranberry one:) I don't really have a favourite one, but I have quite a few ones from Mac, and they are all amazing:) Thank you for sharing this look!

  4. MAC Mulch is one of my all-time favourite shadows! So flattering and versatile. I'll have to try pairing it with Cranberry at some point :)



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