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Real Techniques Brushes Review

Real Techniques Brushes Review: Setting Brush, Your Picks Berlin Set, Miracle Complexion Sponge
I firmly believe that most of the times, you get what you pay for. But when it comes to brushes, there are exceptions and these exceptions can save so much $$ that it is actually pretty ridiculous! As I can be really lazy at times and put off on cleaning my brushes, it helps to have a couple of duplicates and Real Techniques is one of the drugstore brands that I can really trust. Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the ones that I got in my Influenster VoxBox.
So the first item I want to review is this Real Techniques setting brush (shop here). I've seen so many reviews about this being the best highlighter brush, and I actually went to my nearest Walmart and Target multiple times only to find these out of stock. So after a couple of tries I thought, I have enough highlighter brushes anyway and how special can this tiny brush be? 

Well I am very glad to now have this in my collection because I've been reaching for it everyday. The size of this brush is so perfect for applying highlighters on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and forehead, and I can't imagine applying highlighters without this. However, as a setting brush it is a bit too small, and though I guess I could use this to set my undereye, it isn't as dense or pointy as, say Elf's small tapered brush (shop here) (which by the way is bit too large to use as a highlighter brush for me). So for highlighting, I HIGHLY recommend this.

The second item is the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge (shop here). Although I received this one in my VoxBox, I actually have 3 of these in my makeup drawer as I use these when I need to apply my makeup asap and look super polished. Need I say much about this product? I've used Beauty Blenders in the past and though I did love them, I don't love my miracle complexion sponge any less--actually more given the cheaper price! The precision tip, the flat edge, and the rounded sides are so flawlessly designed, and it is a wonder how it makes any difficult foundation apply so flawlessly. Whenever I try out a new foundation and go, 'wow this is a super cakey foundation and it literally melts off on my skin, wtf is up with that?', before giving up on it completely I use this sponge and the result can be quite surprising. I know a lot of people wet their miracle complexion sponges, but personally I do that only when I want a more glowing, lightweight look (or if I want to reduce the super cakey look that a full coverage foundation can give off sometimes), but not when I am going for a full coverage, which usually is the case. 

Real Techniques Brushes Review: Setting Brush & Miracle Complexion Sponge 

Next up is this Real Techniques Your Picks Berlin Set (shop here) and it includes the following five brushes: Buffing brush, contour brush, stippling brush, deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush. There are some hit and misses in this set, at least for my purposes.

Buffing Brush: If you own MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and am looking for a nice brush pair it with, I highly recommend this! I can go as far as to say that I actually carry my MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus AND this brush with me in my bag because it is so perfect in every way possible. The brush itself is very smooth, and it helps give the extra full coverage without caking up! I have literally applied three layers of that powder foundation and my skin did not look cakey at all (well, one more layer and my undereye area would have creased but still!) HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for a good brush for powder foundation.

Contour Brush: This is my new blush brush. For contouring I would say that this is a bit too small and if you want to be very precise with your contouring but not like razor sharp precise, this would be good for you. But I do love this to apply my blush because it is so soft and it really helps blend and sheer out any blush that can be super intense and patchy at times. This has replaced my Elf blush brush as it really makes it so easy to blend and smooth out everything, and I don't doubt it would do the same for bronzers.

Stippling Brush: One of the misses as I like my stippling brushes to be more dense (I need that full coverage) and it wasn't as soft as the previous two I talked about. Maybe I would use this one in the future to just blend out my cream contours or whatnot, but overall not particularly obsessed with this brush and it will not replace anything else I own. Perhaps if you are going for an airbrushed look and need light to medium coverage this might be good for you but then again the miracle complexion sponge can do just that as well!

Deluxe Crease Brush: So if you use this on your eyelids, it feels smooth and all is well. However I find these brushes too big for my eyes and I like to instead use these brushes to apply and blend out my concealers and color correctors. On my cheeks, they worked fine, but underneath my eyes, these were no bueno. It felt too harsh on my dark circles, and I had to instead use Real Techniques deluxe crease brush that comes in the Starter Set (shop here) which I find to be more soft and have been using for years.

Base Shadow Brush: I like how dense this brush it and since it is dense, it doesn't sheer things out too much and instead blend things out nicely without wiping them off. It is good at packing color on to the lids and although it is smaller than the deluxe crease brush, it is still big enough to use all over the crease and to just blend blend blend! This felt soft on my eyelids, and as there's no such thing as too many crease brushes in my life, here's one that I like!

Real Techniques Brushes Review: Your Picks Berlin Set (Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, Stippling Brush, Deluxe Crease Brush, Base Shadow Brush)

So that was pretty much all I have to say about these brushes, and you will most likely see me use these in my future videos on YouTube as I really love (most of) them! Please share with me what your favorite Real Techniques or other drugstore brushes are as I love to save some $ and get some real quality brushes any time any day!



**I received this product free in my Influenster VoxBox in exchange for my honest review, and my opinion is completely my own. **


  1. I was wondering if you could do a review on the Bold Metals Essential Set and Bold Metal Holiday Set. It'd be also great if you could tell me which one of these sets is better. Thank you!

  2. I was wondering if you could do a review on the Bold Metals Essential Set and Bold Metal Holiday Set. It'd be also great if you could tell me which one of these sets is better. Thank you!


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