Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Top 10 Favorite MAC Products + Current Wish List

Hi everyone! I feel like this month is pretty crazy for me in terms of shopping as Sephora had the 20% off sale, then it was time for Thanksgiving and I went all crazy during that entire week--and just when I thought I was done, MAC announces 25% off MAC products until December 4th! So here I am with my checkout cart growing longer and I thought I'd do this post to help out anyone who is struggling to figure out what he/she wants and also to organize my brain a bit.

So first, I wanted to share with you my all time favorite MAC products and these are products that I absolutely refuse to live without and have not found (better) alternatives. These are products that I can rely on and wear on all the important events of my life. 

I have two favorite red lipsticks that every inch of me adores: Kat Von D Project Chimp and MAC Chili. Actually I like the KVD one a bit better because it is super long-wearing lipstick and I can just wear it and not give a crap about it until the end of the day (as long as I am not eating anything oily). But that was limited edition and I am going to be really upset but I have my fingers crossed KVD will release it again or something similar to it! MAC Chili is slightly more orange than Project Chimp but I do find it to be the most perfect red that isn't too bright, too neon, or too blue-toned. This will look amazing on anyone with warm undertones! It is one of the lipsticks that I cannot pull off during summer though as the color is way too warm for that. 

I mentioned this several times on my blog already, but another perfect dupe is Wet n Wild's Bare It All. I dn't know if anyone experienced this, but I've bought at least 5 Bare It All's during the past few years, and some of them smell really bad after a week whereas others don't even after a year. So I don't know what the deal with this is, but also the packaging is a total joke. However, I can still honestly say that it is the most perfect color for me and it is the one I pick up when I can't make up my mind and when I refuse to think. Velvet Teddy, being one with the better packaging and no smell, is the one that I am more likely to carry with me when I am out and about though. I have tried Mocha, Whirl, Twig, and all the other famous MLBB shades, but personally those made me look more mature (or older), which is not necessarily a bad thing but not something I personally like. Kinda Sexy makes my lips look ashen though it is a beautiful color on people with lighter skin tones than mine (NC25).

This has got to be the most versatile lipstick I own. Alone it is the perfect nude lipstick that doesn't make my lips look ashen nor does it just stand out (in a bad way). Not only is it the perfect nude color, I love pairing this with other colors, especially those that are too cool-toned to work on my skin tone or to tone down a color by a notch. For instance, Vegas Volt is another great coral lipstick from MAC but I do like to tone it down a bit with Shy Girl to make it less bright but more natural. This was my very first MAC lipstick and it will always have a very special place in my heart!

The colors are just phenomenal. I find other Times Nine palette's from MAC to be less versatile, but with this one you can go from daily and smokey makeup in both burgundy and bronzy shades. I like to think about the various makeup looks I can create with a palette as I am always searching for the best travel palette, and this one is one of the most versatile palettes and travel friendly ones I have found from MAC. Love it!

Need I say much about this color? Perfect transition shade, such a beautiful color, very pigmented, adore!

Another beautiful warm eyeshadow from MAC. I personally like to pair this with Soft Brown and just call it a day. 

When I first purchased this, I hated it. It looked terrible on my eyelids and made me look so tired. And I still don't really apply this on my eyelids unless I need that cool depth, but I have found that this is so perfect for contouring my nose! It does have a bit of a shimmer which I thought would make it not good for contouring, but it is not at all noticeable and works so well on my NC25 skintone. Highly recommend!

I use this eyeshadow to deepen out my crease, but most of the time I pair this with Soba to add more depth. So basically when I cam contouring my nose, right near the inner corners of my eyes I would apply Cork to create more depth to my nose. The color is very neutral so it is perfect for contouring and shading.

I am going through what I believe is my fifth one now, and this is one of my holy grail products. Most of the times I find that foundations cannot cover my melasma (I have these dark spots running down my left cheek), but instead of layering these full-coverage foundations, I like to apply this powder foundation as a setting powder, and this one gives me the most flawless finish! However, since I use  a full-coverage foundation + color correctors/concealers underneath, if I apply too much it can look really cakey, so I try to be as light handed as possible and try to avoid the corners of my lips and be extra careful under the eyes. 

I have reviewed this one also on my blog, but it is the most gorgeous pink eyeshadow with gold glitters to it. I could literally bathe in this thing if I could--it is pure perfection and a must-have. You can sheer it out a lot and use it as a blush topper as well, or use it on top of your lips to add more metallic vibe. I personally like to use it on my lids but it is a very versatile product!


And with that, here is my current MAC wish list:

Before these Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighters were released, I saw swatches on Instagram and knew I would love Show Gold. However, I did go to the store and swatch them but found Show Gold to seriously lack pigment and the highlighter to be less finely milled compared to Beaming Blush. They were both very similar, Beaming Blush leaning more pink with gold shift to it, Show Gold leaning more gold with pink shift to it, but since Show Gold looked more like chunks of glitter to me, I picked up Beaming Blush instead. 

Here are the swatches: from left to right Soft Frost, Beaming Blush, Show Gold, Double Gleam
MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish: from left to right Soft Frost, Beaming Blush, Show Gold, Double Gleam
MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish: from left to right Soft Frost, Beaming Blush, Show Gold, Double Gleam

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish: from left to right Soft Frost, Beaming Blush, Show Gold, Double Gleam
MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish: from left to right Soft Frost, Beaming Blush, Show Gold, Double Gleam
I cannot get enough of MAC Nutcracker collection! I think it is one of MAC's best design ever and it is so perfect for this holiday season. Anyhow, I do not know any Viva Glam lipsticks so figured this would be nice collector's piece. And honestly, how can you say no to the packaging? I seriously wish MAC's entire collection would look like this--I'd be so seriously broke lol.

I do love MAC Lady Danger which is in this kit, but have been meaning to try Red, Rebel, and Diva. I told myself that I have enough dupes for those to justify purchasing them, but with the sale and packaging, why not? :)

Some of my friends actually swear by this lipstick and love it to death, so I went to the store to check it out! Initially I was going to buy Ravishing which has been my mom's favorite for a very long time, but during the summer this color somehow made her lips look ashen! MAC See Sheer on the other hand is the perfect rosy MLBB lipstick, so I plan on getting one for myself and for mom!

I came across this lipstick when I was looking for See Sheer. This is much darker than See Sheer but it was such a beautiful deep berry color that is perfect for everyday look! I've had this one in my wish list for a very long time and with the sale and all, it shall be mine.

The whole YouTube world seems to be all about this product which screams magic to me, but since I was very satisfied with my finishing powders and setting sprays, I figured I don't need this in my life. With the 25% off promo going on right now, I'll finally cave in and give this one a shot! Who knows, I might end up regretting not getting a backup! :)

I've tried this one in NC25 and found it to be too yellow, but I did like how full coverage this was! It reminded me of Estee Lauder's Double Wear Maximum Camouflage foundation but with more shade selection. This time I'll go with NW25 (or maybe NW20?) to see if I like it more, but we'll see!

So that was pretty much everything I had to say about MAC products and my favorites + wishlists!
Please share with me what your favorite MAC product is or what items you seek to score during this sale!



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  1. I own almost 40 MAC lipsticks, but don't own the three that you mentioned as faves. Must check those out next! And I am soo tempted by Beaming Blush highlighter :)


    1. That's quite a collection Jen! Most of the times I am either wearing Velvet Teddy or Chili :) I hope you like them too!!! And I most def think beaming blush would be an amazing blush topper!!!! :)

  2. Wow I definitely fell prey to this sale too! I can't remember MAC ever having a sale like this so it's definitely a big deal! I wasn't too sure what to get so luckily I didn't go overboard. I'm a big fan of the Studio Fix powder too but it takes me FOREVER to use one. I've also been using Velvet Teddy lately but I don't think I love it as much as my favorite, which is Brave. And Estee Lauder Double Wear is my favorite, so maybe I should give MAC's waterproof foundation a try! Thanks for the great roundup.

    xx freshfizzle

    1. Me neither, I was very pleasantly surprised! What did you ended getting? It also takes me forever to use one as well but I feel like if I don't have an extra one lying around, I get a bit nervous (is that weird? lol). Thanks for stopping by Tania!


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