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Dealing with Melasma, Covering Up Hyperpigmentation

Dealing with Melasma, Covering Up Hyperpigmentation
Dealing with Melasma, Covering Up Hyperpigmentation

There are many insecurities that I deal with on a daily basis, and social media being a place where many people show their beauty and wealth naturally made me want to hide these insecurities. The fact that many of these insecurities have to do with my face and that I love makeup made these problems even more evident. And to make things worse, unlike my iPhone, my DSLR camera never failed to highlight these flaws when I tried to shoot makeup photos or video tutorials.

So of all the things I deal with, I wanted to tackle things one at a time, and the highlight of them all is melasma. I have that on the left side of my cheek, all the way up to my lower lashline and down to my jaw. I've also had dozens of consultations and treatments with numerous dermatologists, and literally all of them told me from the start that it may go away with treatment but it will most likely come back, and it did, again and again and again. I know there are other people with way more severe skin problems than I do, but that has never made me forget the fact that I had melasma and I did not want to count my blessings by acknowledging other people's greater hardship.

Honestly, if God tells me that he will make my skin free of these dark spots, I'll scream hallelujah and sing praises all day long (which I once did when my skin cleared up after a treatment....but then it came back). But I am in the process of trying to think about my melasma as a blessing though, as it helps me relate with other people with various skin problems as I have oily skin with dry patches and have been taking acne pills for ages though I stopped like a year ago and hey, I have melasma. So today, I want to do just that: I want to share with you all my tips to covering up hyperpigmentation, however severe it may be. 

In the photo above it may be not all too noticeable as I have set up my camera to blur our some imperfections, but here's how it really looks, taken with my iPhone:

Dealing with Melasma, Covering Up Hyperpigmentation
Dealing with Melasma, Covering Up Hyperpigmentation
Dealing with Melasma, Covering Up Hyperpigmentation
Dealing with Melasma, Covering Up Hyperpigmentation

In the past I have applied layers of concealers and then used super full coverage foundations, such as Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Camouflage foundation.That Maximum Camouflage foundation is actually pretty good but unfortunately I was not able to find the one that matches my skin tone and they leaned a bit too yellow for my taste (for reference I am 2W1 Dawn in Estee Lauder Foundations, and the closest match was 2W2 in this camouflage version). Concealers and full coverage foundations can help conceal certain pigmentations and skin discolorations, but unfortunately my left side of my face always looked too ashy and after a while it was all too visible, at least for me.

So recently I tried color correcting, and for anyone with melasma like mine, I highly recommend using one. I did not think my melasma had blue tones, and I thought orange always cancelled out blue (like dark circles), but for some odd reason that I cannot quite pinpoint, orange concealers worked wonders for me. There are various color correctors out there, but my personal favorite is Sephora's Bright Future Color Corrector. Honestly I hate the doe-foot applicator--it is the worst. But hey, as long as I can get the product out and on to my face, I'm fine with that. For anyone with light skin tones, I'd recommend the shade peach, for anyone with light to medium skin tones I'd recommend melon, and for those with darker skintones, try orange. As a reference, I am NC25 in MAC and Y245 in MUFE.

I just dab this product on to my face using any concealer brush or a dense eyeshadow brush. Then I use any foundation that has medium coverage (Make Up For Ever UHD Foundation, NARS All Day Luminous Foundation, It Cosmetics My Skin But Better CC Cream all worked well) and the key is to DAB this foundation using a flat kabuki brush. 

Anyhow, I hope any one you who share similar problems as I do find some hope through my blog post, and I wish you all the best! :)



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  1. Your melasma makes you beautiful, it is not so different from freckles. :)
    Hope you're doing well.

    Walking Freckle


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